G7 Confidence Poll Unearths Unsettling Trends for the U.S.

“A recent Gallup poll shows that confidence in the U.S. government has hit an all-time low among the G7 nations, with only 31% of American adults trusting their government, a drastic drop from the 56% in 2006. Meanwhile, 69% of Americans lack confidence in the government.


U.K. slightly outpaces the U.S., with 33% of adults having faith in their government.
Germany leads G7 nations in confidence with 61%, followed by Canada at 51%, France at 46%, Japan at 43%, and Italy at 41%.
American confidence in the government has seen a steep drop from 46% to 40% post-President Biden’s inauguration in 2021, and then to 31% in 2022.
Biden’s approval ratings remain consistently low, floating between 42% and 46%.
Just 39% of U.S. adults feel “”extreme pride”” in the country, only slightly higher than last year’s record low.


From these data, it’s evident that the Biden administration has failed to inspire confidence among Americans. The lack of faith in the government, coupled with low presidential approval ratings and decreasing national pride, reflect an administration that is out of touch with the aspirations of its people.

As Republicans, it’s essential that we rally behind strong, competent leadership that can restore faith, not just in our government, but also in our nation as a whole.”

Source Fox News