FURY Over Inequality: Why Hunter and Trump Cases Are NOT Equivalent – This Won’t End Well

The media’s mistake in equating the Hunter Biden and Donald Trump cases is a bombshell that cannot be ignored. This false comparison is not only misleading but also a clear indication of bias.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings have raised serious ethical concerns, yet the media has largely turned a blind eye. Meanwhile, Trump’s legal battles have been blown out of proportion, creating a distorted picture of equivalence.

This unequal treatment is a grave mistake that undermines the credibility of journalism. The media’s selective focus on Trump while ignoring Hunter’s actions is a clear indication of bias and a failure to uphold journalistic integrity.

The truth behind the Hunter and Trump cases is far more complex than the media’s simplistic portrayal. It’s time for journalists to recognize their mistake and provide fair and balanced coverage that reflects the reality of these situations.

Source Fox News