From Trump-Era To Now: The Asylum Rule Saga Continues

The Biden administration’s Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule faced a legal challenge from a coalition of left-wing groups who argued that it restricted the right to seek asylum and was similar to a previously struck-down Trump-era transit ban. Judge Jon Tigar initially blocked the rule but delayed its implementation for 14 days to allow the administration to appeal.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted a temporary stay, preventing the judge’s order from taking effect while the case is ongoing. However, a Trump-appointed judge dissented, comparing the Biden rule to a trendy baby born from the union of Trump-era rules. The ruling may help deter a potential surge of migrants at the southern border, but concerns remain.


Biden’s asylum rule, designed to address border challenges, is facing a legal battle from left-wing groups.
Judge Jon Tigar blocked the rule but allowed the administration to appeal, leading to a temporary stay from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
The Biden administration defended the rule, highlighting expanded lawful migration pathways and exceptions.
A Trump-appointed judge dissented, claiming the Biden rule was similar to previous restrictions treated differently by the court.
The ruling may alleviate some concerns about a fresh border surge but will be watched closely as border issues remain a priority.


As passionate Republicans, we are closely monitoring the legal challenges to Biden’s asylum rule. While the temporary reprieve from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is a win for the administration, the dissenting judge’s comparison to a stylish baby raises eyebrows. The border situation remains a crucial topic, and we should continue to scrutinize the Biden administration’s policies. As we move forward, let’s stay informed and engaged, ensuring our voices are heard in discussions about the nation’s immigration strategies.

Source Fox News