From Obama’s Commission to Biden’s Residence: One Man’s Many Visits

Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s former friend and longtime business partner, has come under the spotlight due to his multiple visits to the Obama White House and then-Vice President Joe Biden’s residence between 2009 and 2016. The House Oversight Committee is investigating Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, and Schwerin’s connections raise questions about potential links between these business dealings and Joe Biden’s political career.


Eric Schwerin visited the White House and Joe Biden’s residence at least 36 times during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, potentially influencing the administration’s policies.

Emails from Hunter Biden reveal Schwerin’s request for his government appointment shortly after Obama’s election victory, indicating a potential exchange of political favors.

The “”purely personal guests”” exception might hide additional visits by Schwerin, further obscuring the extent of his influence within the Biden circle.

Schwerin’s presence at a dinner with Burisma executives contradicts previous denials from the Biden campaign and the White House regarding Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business affairs.

Schwerin’s meetings with various Biden aides raise concerns about the extent of his involvement in shaping the administration’s decisions.


The revelation of Eric Schwerin’s extensive visits to the Obama White House and Joe Biden’s residence adds another layer of concern to the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. It raises valid questions about the transparency and ethics of the Biden family’s actions during Joe Biden’s vice presidency and beyond.

As Republican voters, it is crucial to remain vigilant and demand full transparency from our elected officials. This investigation must proceed without bias or interference to ensure justice and uphold the principles that our party stands for. Let’s continue to support those who seek the truth and accountability, regardless of party lines, for the sake of our democracy and the American people.

Source Fox News