WE CAN DO BETTER! Former Republican Congressman Makes Bold 2024 Declaration

Lee Zeldin who narrowly lost the New York’s Governor race has taken on a leadership role to help the Republicans win in 2024. Rumors are circulating he might run for the RNC Chairmanship.

He said:

“The GOP needs to retool and transform in preparation for 2024: fundraising and expenditures, comms and messaging, data, ballot law work, voter reg, uniting, outreach, organizing and collaborating, field work, and more. It’s the only way to succeed with everything at stake.”

The response from his twitter followers to Lee’s bold declaration where very positive:

@Jackson_slocum said:


@texanbuckeye3 said:

“Lee you are obviously the right person for the job! Thank you for your leadership”

@Mary_skillcat3 said:

“When are you officially throwing your hat in the ring, Lee? We’re all waiting”