Former governor speaks out about the attack on Trump’s presidency.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat, recently voiced his concerns about the indictment of former President Donald Trump. In an interview with Brian Kilmeade on “Fox News Tonight,” Blagojevich criticized the Justice Department, mainstream media, and extremists within his own party. He highlighted the dangers of a corrupt justice system, biased media, and the impact these factors could have on our democracy.


Blagojevich drew attention to the severity of the situation, using powerful imagery to emphasize the potential threats to our democracy.
He criticized the mainstream media for their treatment of Trump, arguing that a free press should provide fairness and an opportunity for both sides to be heard.
Blagojevich’s own experiences with the justice system informed his concerns about its alleged corruption and weaponization against politicians.
He warned that the indictment against Trump may be part of a larger effort to undermine his presidency and hinder his chances as a leading presidential candidate.
Blagojevich called on the American people to be vigilant and protect the principles of fairness and transparency that form the foundation of our society.

Blagojevich’s insights shed light on the challenges faced by Trump and the potential threats to our democracy. The alleged corruption within the justice system and the biased portrayal of Trump by the mainstream media should not be taken lightly.

As Republicans, we must stay informed and remain steadfast in our commitment to fairness and transparency. Only by doing so can we safeguard the integrity of our democracy and ensure that the voices of all Americans are heard.

Source Fox News