Forces Within Biden’s DOJ Suppressing Information?

Presidential candidate Tim Scott made headlines by criticizing “”forces within Biden’s DOJ”” that he believes are protecting the president’s family, particularly Hunter Biden. Scott expressed concern that important information about Hunter’s activities is being suppressed, suggesting potential interference within the DOJ.

Hunter’s recent court appearance further added to the controversy, with his plea deal falling apart, and him pleading not guilty to misdemeanor tax counts and a firearm possession charge. The DOJ’s ongoing investigation into a potential FARA violation was also highlighted. Scott’s commitment to addressing DOJ bias and ensuring accountability is resonating with Republican voters.


Senator Tim Scott raises concerns about forces within Biden’s DOJ protecting the president’s family.
Hunter Biden’s court appearance and plea deal fallout draw attention to potential DOJ interference.
The DOJ investigation into a possible FARA violation adds complexity to the case.
Scott advocates for accountability and reform in the DOJ if he becomes president.
Republican voters respond positively to Scott’s strong stance on addressing DOJ bias and misuse of power.


Tim Scott’s vocal stance on holding the DOJ accountable for its alleged bias and protection of Democrats strikes a chord with Republican voters. The controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s plea deal collapse and the revelation of an ongoing FARA investigation fuel concerns about potential interference within the DOJ.

Scott’s unwavering commitment to cleaning house if elected as president resonates with conservatives seeking transparency and fairness in the justice system. As the 2024 presidential race unfolds, Scott’s promises of reform are likely to find support among those eager for a change in the DOJ’s approach.

Source Fox News