Find out why President Biden thinks you don’t need an AR-15.

President Biden’s recent comments at a fundraising event in California once again show his lack of regard for Second Amendment supporters. He suggested that challenging the government would require an F-16 fighter jet, disregarding the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Biden’s comparison of the AR-15 rifle to an F-16 is both misleading and offensive. He also insinuated that the rifle’s popularity among gun makers is solely due to profitability. These remarks undermine the principles of liberty and individual rights enshrined in the Constitution.


Biden’s comments demonstrate a dismissive attitude towards Second Amendment supporters.
The AR-15 rifle is not a military-grade weapon, as Biden suggests.
Gun owners exercise their rights responsibly and lawfully.
Biden’s focus on the AR-15 ignores its versatility and suitability for various lawful purposes.
Republicans and supporters of the Constitution must unite to protect Second Amendment rights from unwarranted attacks.


President Biden’s recent remarks once again reveal his lack of understanding and respect for the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. His comparison of the AR-15 to an F-16 fighter jet is a mischaracterization that dismisses the true intent of the Second Amendment.

Such comments undermine the core principles upon which our nation was founded. It is essential for Republicans and supporters of the Constitution to stand together and defend the rights of law-abiding citizens against these unwarranted attacks. Our voices must be heard, and our constitutional liberties must be preserved for generations to come.

Source Fox News