Fauci On The RUN, Though It’s NOT For The Reason You Think

Recently, the question of whether COVID-19 originated from a lab has become critically important, particularly after it was clear that China had lied about what they knew and allowed people to travel to other parts of the world. According to reports from both the Department of Energy and FBI, it is now likely that COVID-19 originated from a lab leak.

However, a recent leak from a CNN insider has revealed that Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, was telling his staff to attack the lab leak theory because he considered it to be a “Trump talking point.”

Moreover, House Republicans who have been investigating the pandemic have made a stunning discovery. In February 2020, during the early days of the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci commissioned a paper titled “The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2” in an attempt to disprove the lab leak theory. Despite commissioning the paper, Dr. Fauci cited it to the public as evidence that the lab leak was “improbable” without admitting his role behind it.

Emails discovered by the House GOP show that Dr. Kristian Andersen was prompted by Dr. Fauci to write the paper with the goal of disproving the lab leak theory.

Even though Andersen later claimed that Fauci did not influence his work, the emails suggest otherwise. For example, in an email from February, Andersen wrote, “Our main work over the last couple of weeks has been focused on trying to disprove any type of lab theory.” Additionally, Andersen submitted the paper to Nature Medicine with the note, “Prompted by Jeremy [Farrar], Tony Fauci and Francis Collins.”

In the emails, it was also revealed that Farrar, who was then the head of the British nonprofit the Wellcome Trust, attempted to replace the word “unlikely” with “improbable” in a statement about the possibility of a lab leak origin.

Collins emailed Fauci expressing his dismay that the paper did not squash the lab leak hypothesis, despite being given the opportunity to edit it.

Furthermore, there was a call where Fauci and his NIH boss Francis Collins had a discussion with the paper’s authors about the possibility that it might have leaked from the lab and “may have been intentionally genetically manipulated.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) spoke about that call and the emails in an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, describing how after that phone call, the researchers’ attitude about COVID origins changed against the possibility that it came from a lab. Jordan also claims that they subsequently received a “several million dollar grant” from Fauci for further research.

This is a huge issue, as it seems that Dr. Fauci was desperate to steer people away from the possibility that COVID-19 came from a lab leak, perhaps because of the gain-of-function research that was being conducted there. It’s troubling that the media has been stonewalling this for so long, but hopefully, with the Committee, they will start holding people accountable.