EXPOSED: The Biden Family’s Secret Connection to Frank That They Tried to Hide

Recent media coverage has focused on the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s family members, particularly his son Hunter and brother Jim.

However, little attention has been paid to Biden’s younger brother, Frank W. Biden. Frank serves as a “non-attorney adviser” to the Berman Law Group and resides in Boca Raton, Florida.

Frank Biden’s business dealings have come under scrutiny by CNN, who reported on the Biden family’s alleged corruption. Court documents, emails, and video recordings reviewed by CNN indicate that the Biden brothers have used their political connections to gain access to power and influence.

In a speech to medical professionals in Boston, Frank boasted about the “bully pulpit” he had as the brother of the president, and promised to help attendees “get federal dollars.”

Just a few months ago, Frank was a keynote speaker at a medical conference in Venice, Italy, where he spoke to a group lobbying the federal government. While Frank acknowledged that he did not pay for the trip, he did not disclose who did.

During his speech, Frank discussed his family and his brother’s cancer initiative. After the event, the leader of a trade group who attended the conference promptly posted a video from Venice informing members that he had spoken with Frank Biden about their efforts to lobby the federal government on Medicare reimbursement rules. According to the trade group leader, the president’s brother had agreed to help.

Although Frank is not a registered federal lobbyist, questions have been raised about his leveraging his brother’s office for personal gain.

Frank initially claimed that the CEO of BioSig Technologies, a health technology company that co-sponsored the conference, paid for his trip to Italy, including his flight and one or two nights in a hotel. However, the relationship between Frank Biden and BioSig is murky, with both parties giving shifting statements when asked about it.

A spokesman for BioSig initially claimed that the company wanted to learn about a federal research program pushed by President Biden and had retained the law firm where Frank Biden works. Two days later, the spokesman denied Frank’s assertion that BioSig’s CEO had paid for his trip to Italy.

Frank Biden’s relationship with a controversial charter school enterprise has also raised concerns. In 2009, the year Joe Biden took office as vice president, a local business executive met Frank at a Starbucks in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and later asked him to become the president and front man for a fledgling charter school venture.

Frank, a longtime real estate developer in the state, accepted the offer and touted his famous last name and prominent connections in Washington to help land the company a series of charter contracts from local officials in Florida, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars over a five-year period from the company in the process.

While Frank has openly acknowledged the advantages of his family name in his business dealings, he has denied any wrongdoing. However, questions about his relationships with BioSig and the charter school enterprise have yet to be fully answered.