Explosive secrets about the President’s son unveiled.

Evidence has emerged suggesting that President Joe Biden may have discussed business dealings with his son, Hunter, despite his repeated denials. Testimony from IRS whistleblowers has raised questions about possible interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s affairs.

Messages obtained by the IRS show Hunter invoking his father’s influence and issuing threats to a Chinese business partner. These revelations contradict President Biden’s claims of non-involvement.


IRS whistleblowers have testified about potential interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings.
Messages obtained by the IRS indicate Hunter Biden’s use of his father’s influence to pressure a Chinese business partner.
Hunter Biden’s messages also included threats if his instructions were not followed.
A leaked voicemail from President Biden to Hunter suggests a level of involvement and knowledge contradicting his denials.
President Biden and his administration continue to deny any discussion of Hunter’s business affairs.


These revelations are deeply concerning and raise doubts about the transparency and integrity of the Biden administration. The evidence suggests that President Biden may have misled the American people regarding his involvement in his son’s business dealings.

As Republicans, we must demand accountability and seek the truth. The American people deserve honest answers, and it is crucial for President Biden to address these serious allegations. Our nation’s future depends on the integrity and accountability of our leaders.

Source Fox News