Exclusive: Conservative Insider Reveals Shocking Truth About the GOP’s Plan for 2024

The Biden administration has been met with fierce criticism by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, who are accusing the White House of intentionally implementing policies that are leading to the current border crisis. This crisis is threatening the national security of our country and putting the lives of both U.S. citizens and migrants in danger.

The increase in illegal migration and drug trafficking is a direct result of the open border policies put in place by the Biden administration. The trek to the U.S. border is treacherous, with migrants facing physical, sexual, and mental abuse from traffickers, as well as being sold into slavery. The Department of Homeland Security is failing to take action to mitigate this crisis and instead is toweling the narrative of the White House.

Republican lawmakers are calling for the resignation of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has publicly stated that the southern border is secure, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Rep. Andy Biggs has even gone as far as to file impeachment articles against Mayorkas for violating public trust.

The consequences of the open border policies put in place by the Biden administration will be dire. The number of illegal migrants entering our country has skyrocketed, with over 2.3 million migrants encountered at the U.S. Mexico border in 2022, and it is estimated that this number will reach over 5 million by the time Biden leaves office. Some of these illegal aliens are believed to be terrorists with the intention of doing harm to our nation.

The question that needs to be asked is why is the administration pursuing an open border policy? Is it for more votes? Or is it for globalist pursuits in the Western Hemisphere? It is up to our lawmakers to hold the Biden officials accountable and force them to confront the truth before the American public.

It is time for tough questions to be asked under oath and for excuses to be put aside. It is time to secure our border and protect our country.