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It’s no secret that President Joe Biden has been facing criticism from Republicans over his recent behavior and cognitive abilities. During a recent trip to Tampa, Florida, the President made some controversial remarks about Republicans and Social Security and Medicare, which has only fueled the fire.

In a speech at the University of Tampa, President Biden claimed that some Republicans, including Florida Senator Rick Scott, want to cut Social Security and Medicare. He stated, “If that’s your dream, I’m your nightmare.” He also referred to a Senator named Mike Lee, claiming that the Senator has been caught on video saying that he wants to phase out Social Security.

This speech, as well as a short clip that went viral on social media where the President seemed to stop talking and set his microphone down before picking it back up, has raised questions about President Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, who previously served as the White House physician under the Obama and Trump administrations, has expressed concerns and called for the President to take a cognitive exam.

During an interview on Fox News, Rep. Jackson called President Biden’s cognitive abilities into question and discussed what could be behind his struggles.

He stated, “Every time he gets up and talks to the American people, it’s not just the American people that are watching him speak, it’s the whole world, and that’s part of what the problem is here. He looks tired, he looks weak, he looks confused, he’s incoherent, and it sends a message of weakness all over the world, and they’re seizing up on that.”

Other Republicans, including former North Carolina Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn, have accused First Lady Jill Biden of “elder abuse” for allowing her husband to continue serving as President despite his mental instability.

It’s time for the American people to take a serious look at President Biden’s behavior and question whether he is fit to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

The future of our country is at stake, and we need a leader who is capable of making clear and decisive decisions. Republicans have a duty to protect the American people, and that includes holding the President accountable for his actions and ensuring that he is capable of serving our country to the best of his ability.

In conclusion, Republicans must stand united in their commitment to defending the American people and preserving the future of our country. We cannot allow a President who is struggling with his cognitive abilities to continue leading our nation.

It’s time to demand accountability and transparency, and to call for President Biden to undergo a cognitive exam to determine if he is fit to serve. The American people deserve a leader who is fully capable of leading our country, and Republicans must do everything in their power to ensure that we have one.