As a Republican voter, it’s essential to stay informed about the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s family, especially his brother Frank W. Biden, who has mostly flown under the radar. In the past, the mainstream media has extensively covered the corruption surrounding the Biden family, including that of Frank Biden.

The president’s brother has invoked his famous name in his private business pursuits to suggest access to power and influence. According to a review of court documents, emails, and video recordings, Frank Biden has used his family name and connections to win federal dollars and land contracts.

In 2021, CNN reported that Frank Biden was the keynote speaker at a medical conference in Venice, Italy, where he gave advice to a group lobbying the federal government. In his speech, Frank Biden talked about his family and his brother’s cancer initiative.

The leader of a trade group who attended the event promptly posted a video from Venice, informing members he represents that he had spoken with Frank Biden about their efforts to lobby the federal government on Medicare reimbursement rules.

Frank Biden, who is not a registered federal lobbyist, refuted any notion that he has somehow leveraged his brother’s office for personal gain.

In January 2020, ABC News ran a piece titled “How Frank Biden leveraged his famous name for business gain.” It detailed Frank Biden’s murky relationship with a controversial charter school enterprise, for which he reportedly earned $70,000 per year over the course of five years.

Frank Biden accepted the offer to become the president and front man for the company, and over the years, he touted his famous last name and prominent connections in Washington to help land the company a series of charter contracts from local officials in Florida, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars over a five-year period.

Frank Biden’s use of his family name and connections for personal gain is a clear example of the kind of corruption and cronyism that plagues our political system.

It’s unacceptable for politicians and their families to use their power and influence to line their pockets or advance their interests. As a Republican voter, it’s our duty to hold our elected officials accountable and demand transparency and integrity in government.

It’s crucial to stay informed and engaged in the political process. We need to support candidates who prioritize the needs of the American people over their own interests and those of their families.

We must demand that our leaders act with integrity and transparency, and we need to hold them accountable when they fail to do so.

As we move forward, we must continue to fight against corruption and cronyism, and work towards a government that serves the best interests of all Americans.