Double Standard Exposed: Democrats Try to Protect Biden’s Mishandling of Classified Information

It’s clear that the Democrats are once again playing by their own set of rules. Rep. Dan Goldman, a freshman lawmaker and former impeachment counsel against former President Trump, is trying to dismiss comparisons of President Biden’s handling of classified documents to Trump’s legal controversies, calling them “apples and oranges.” But the truth is, the American people can see right through the Democrats’ double standard.

On one hand, we have President Biden’s team “self-reporting” classified information being where it shouldn’t be. But on the other hand, we have a former president, Trump, being investigated for obstruction of justice and withholding classified information from proper authorities. These are not apples and oranges, they are both serious breaches of national security.

But it’s not just the mishandling of classified information that should concern us. The Democrats are also trying to obstruct justice by dismissing the investigations into President Biden’s documents and Hunter Biden’s laptop as “excessively overreaching partisan investigations that are solely designed to hurt President Biden’s re-election chances in 2024.”

It’s clear that the Democrats have determined the narrative and will stop at nothing to protect President Biden, even if it means ignoring the rule of law. But the American people are not fooled. We see through the Democrats’ attempts to weaponize the federal government for their own political gain.

It’s time for the Democrats to stop playing politics and start working for the American people. The investigations into President Biden’s handling of classified information and Hunter Biden’s laptop must be allowed to proceed without obstruction from the Democrats. The American people deserve the truth.