Did You Miss This? House Oversight Committee Reveals All

In a recent House Oversight Committee memo, bank records have unveiled startling connections between Hunter Biden and foreign business entities. The memo’s findings raise questions about the Biden family’s overseas financial dealings and potential implications for U.S. interests.


Foreign Payments: Hunter Biden and associates received substantial payments from Russian and Kazakhstani oligarchs while Joe Biden was vice president.

Text Messages: Texts between Hunter and his daughter reveal his struggle to support his family financially, with claims of giving half his earnings to Joe Biden.

Influential Gatherings: The memo highlights Joe Biden’s participation in dinners and phone calls with foreign figures who had significant business ties to Hunter.

Transparency Concerns: The revelations emphasize the need for transparency from our leaders, especially when it comes to financial associations that could impact national interests.
Ongoing Investigation: This is not the first instance of scrutiny into the Biden family’s business activities, with previous reports totaling over $20 million in foreign payments.


As conservatives, it’s our responsibility to scrutinize and question the actions of our leaders, regardless of party. These revelations demand transparency and accountability to ensure the integrity of our democracy. Let’s continue to seek the truth, holding our elected officials to the highest standards.

Source Fox News