Outrage intensifies as Biden Administration funds foreign “reporting tour”

It has been revealed that the Biden administration funded a foreign “reporting tour” last year, sponsoring several overseas journalists who cover climate change. The program, called “Combating the Climate Crisis Through U.S. Innovation,” was designed to “promote the Administration’s goal of prioritizing the fight against climate change through global efforts to reduce emissions,” according to the State Department. 

However, it was not mentioned that the program would be funded by U.S. taxpayer money or that the foreign reporters would be “sponsored.” It is unclear which reporters and outlets were sponsored by the State Department program.

This revelation has caused outrage among Republican voters, who see it as yet another example of the Biden administration’s liberal bias and waste of taxpayer money. The State Department’s decision to fund this program, which took place in May 2021, is particularly concerning given the Biden administration’s aggressive push for green energy and climate change initiatives.

Michael Chamberlain, director of Protect the Public’s Trust, which obtained the emails containing information about the program, said, “The American public may be shocked but, unfortunately, not surprised to learn their taxpayer funds are being used to promote climate alarmism around the world.” He added that the State Department should be transparent about which foreign publications, articles, and authors they are forcing American taxpayers to fund.

It is clear that the State Department, under the Biden administration, is prioritizing climate change and is willing to use taxpayer money to promote its agenda to foreign journalists. This is yet another example of the Democrats prioritizing their liberal policies over the concerns and values of passionate Republican voters. 

The State Department’s lack of transparency only adds to the distrust and frustration of the American public. Fox News, and conservative commentators like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, will continue to expose these irresponsible actions by the Democrats and hold them accountable to the American people.