DeSantis CENSORED And The Reason WILL Infuriate Conservatives

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a video presentation addressing the media narrative about his efforts to remove political and sexual content from school libraries.

During the presentation, DeSantis showed a video featuring banned books in Florida school libraries. However, some local news affiliates cut the live feed after the images were shown, claiming that they were too explicit for their stations.

WFLA investigative journalist Masha Saeidi confirmed that her station’s feed went down for the five-minute presentation featuring the book images.

She also explained that when they were informed that sexually explicit content would be shown, they went down, not disputing it. DeSantis later commented on the news feeds being cut, saying that “some of the news had to cut the feed because it’s graphic.”

Twitter marked video coverage of the presentation as “potentially sensitive content.” DeSantis’s press secretary, Bryan Griffin, responded to the reports, saying that if the materials were not appropriate to show on the news, then they should not be appropriate for children to be reading.

DeSantis’s presentation was an attempt to debunk the mainstream media’s false narrative about the book ban hoax. Griffin said that “Florida doesn’t ‘ban books,’ but pornography is prohibited in schools, and CRT will not be utilized as educational material.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that Florida teaches African American history, but they will not allow it to become a vehicle for agenda-driven political advocacy. DeSantis added that the false narrative was an attempt to use schools for indoctrination rather than education.