Democrats Push Through Destructive Spending Bill: Are They Selling Out the American People?

Rep. Chip Roy, a Texas Republican, unleashed a fiery condemnation of the Democrats on Friday, accusing them of destroying the country with their rush to pass a $1.7 trillion spending bill that no one has had the chance to read.

“We’re spending money we don’t have,” Roy said on the House floor. “Go home and sell your projects, go home and talk about all the pork you’re bringing home. But you’re destroying the United States of America, absolutely destroying this body.”

According to Roy, the Democrats refused to allow any amendments to the bill and pushed for a vote by midday Friday, despite Republicans warning that the bill would add to the already staggering $31.3 trillion national debt.

“What table is the gentleman referring to?” Roy asked. “What table does he want us to come sit down and negotiate? It’s not this table. I don’t have the power to offer an amendment on the floor of the House of Representatives, despite being elected by 750,000 Texans.”

“Not one amendment has been offered on the floor of this body since May of 2016 in open debate,” he said. “Everything the American people is watching right now is a complete sham. It’s a fraud, a fraud being perpetrated on the American people right before their eyes, right as we head into Christmas.”

Roy also took aim at the 18 Republicans in the Senate who supported the bill this week, calling them out for “getting on their fancy planes and go[ing] home” while the House was still trying to do the work of the people.

Furthermore, Roy said that House lawmakers were more worried about leaving for Christmas than they were about writing a more sensible bill, and that many members requested proxy voting in order to get a jump on the holiday.

“They were more concerned with catching their flights for Christmas, coming to me and saying, ‘We can’t be here over Christmas.’ Well, why the hell not?” he said.

“Half of this body is not even going to be here,” he said. “And they’re lying, they’re lying on forms saying that they’re voting by proxy for COVID, and it’s a lie.”

The Democrats, in their rush to pass this bill, have shown that they care more about their own agendas than the American people. They have refused to listen to any opposition and are pushing through a bill that will only add to our already crushing national debt.

The Republicans in the Senate who supported this bill should be ashamed of themselves for abandoning their principles and turning their backs on the American people. We deserve better from our elected officials and it’s time for the American people to hold them accountable.