Corruption and Deception: Inside the Democrats’ Plan to Control the Narrative

It has been recently revealed that a Democratic consulting firm, Saguaro Strategies, scrubbed the Wikipedia page of President Biden’s incoming chief of staff, Jeff Zients, prior to his appointment as the president’s COVID-19 czar in 2021. The reason for this is due to potentially politically damaging information about Zients’ corporate past and the massive wealth he has accumulated in the private sector.

This revelation has sparked outrage among conservative and Republican voters, who see this as yet another example of the Democrats trying to hide the truth and control the narrative.

Zients, who is succeeding chief of staff Ron Klain in the coming weeks, has faced criticism from the left for his corporate past and wealth. It is clear that the Democrats are trying to hide this information in order to present Zients in a more favorable light to the American people.

It is not unusual for someone’s Wikipedia page to be sanitized while they are angling for a high-profile post, but it is clear that the Democrats are trying to hide the truth about Zients’ past. Progressive Twitter users were quick to recirculate old articles criticizing Zients after the news broke that he would be taking over for Klain.

This revelation is particularly concerning given Zients’ role as COVID-19 czar from early 2021 through April 2022. Upon joining the current White House, Zients disclosed owning between $89.3 million and $442.8 million in assets, including various investment funds, real estate properties, and cash shares. This is a clear conflict of interest, and it is clear that Zients has profited greatly from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) and Public Citizen, two liberal think tanks based in Washington, D.C., have been vocally opposed to Zients’ tenure as COVID czar, slamming him for not going far enough on mask mandates and not acting more quickly to ship vaccines overseas.

“Jeff Zients failed, and the world paid the price,” Public Citizen President Robert Weissman said in March 2022.

The CEPR’s Revolving Door Project, which frequently criticizes Zients’ wealth and corporate past, blasted his hiring as chief of staff on Sunday.

“Americans are appalled by profiteering in healthcare – Jeff Zients has become astonishingly rich by profiteering in healthcare,” Revolving Door Project Executive Director Jeff Hauser said in a statement Sunday.

“Joe Biden’s best chance to fight for the American people and defeat the dark forces threatening our economy is to show real results via the branch of government he runs – the executive branch,” he said. “We have long argued for a ‘corporate crackdown’ on behaviors that violate federal laws and harm the American people in order for corporations to become richer.

Those are the practices that have made Zients rich. We’re deeply worried that Zients will prevent the administration from exercising power righteously on behalf of an already cynical populace.”

The Democrats cannot be trusted to be transparent and honest with the American people. The fact that they scrubbed Zients’ Wikipedia page to hide his corporate past and wealth is just another example of the Democrats’ willingness to deceive the American people for their own political gain. It is clear that the Democrats are more interested in protecting their own interests than those of the American people.