CNN Ratings Collapse: Conservative Viewers Reject Far-Left Propaganda

The Liberal media’s reign of terror on the truth is finally coming to an end, as evidenced by the recent collapse of CNN’s ratings to a nine-year low. The far-left propaganda outlet, known for spreading conspiracy theories and promoting political violence, saw a devastating drop in viewership last week, with an average of just 444,000 viewers in primetime, 93,000 in the critical 25-54 news demographic, and a mere 331,000 average viewers for its new morning show, CNN This Morning.

Acc. To Breitbart, It’s clear that Americans have had enough of the lies and fake news spewed by CNN, and are instead turning to Fox News for the truth. Fox News dominated the ratings during the same time period, with 1.4 million viewers and 176,000 in the demo, while MSNBC managed to garner 629,000 total viewers and 69,000 in the demo. In primetime, Fox News had 2 million viewers, 256,000 in the demo, compared to MSNBC’s 943,000 viewers and 91,000 in the demo.

CNN’s new Chief, Chris Licht, is proving to be a failure, as evidenced by his first big move, CNN This Morning, anchored by the left-wing enabler of terrorism and credibly accused sexual assaulter, Don Lemon.

The show’s ratings are already lower than the previous morning show, New Day, and Licht’s latest idea to air Bill Maher’s “Overtime” segment on Friday evenings is another desperate attempt to boost ratings. Despite only 799,000 people watching Real Time, Licht seems to be ignoring the fact that America is rejecting CNN and its liberal agenda.

Licht’s promise to “restore trust” and the network’s reputation as the “most trusted name in news” is a hollow one, as Americans have seen through the lies and deceit perpetuated by CNN. The Liberal media can no longer hide their bias and hatred for the conservative values that made America great, and their ratings are a testament to their downfall.

It’s time for CNN to face the music and acknowledge that their liberal agenda is not what the American people want. It’s a victory for conservative values and the truth, as Fox News continues to dominate the ratings and provide a voice for passionate Republican voters. The collapse of CNN’s ratings is a clear sign that America is waking up to the truth and rejecting the liberal media’s lies and fake news.