CAPTURED: The Moment “The View” EXPLODED Over a Democrat Feud

Sen. Elizabeth Warren called Vice President Kamala Harris twice to apologize for her comments, but Harris has not returned her calls. The Democrats are frustrated with Harris, and her weakness as vice president will be one of the most hard-hitting arguments against Biden.


  • Democrats are having an internal feud.
  • Kamala Harris is ignoring Elizabeth Warren’s calls.
  • Democrats are frustrated with Harris’ performance as vice president.
  • Harris’ weakness will be a hard-hitting argument against Biden.
  • As Republicans, we must show our support and loyalty to our candidates.


As Republicans, we need to stay focused on our party’s goals and show our support and loyalty to our candidates, Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump. Our conservative values need to be pushed forward, and we cannot let the Democrats win. The Democrats’ internal feud might be entertaining, but it does not serve our purpose. Let’s stand together and show our strength.