Breaking News: Chinese Spy Balloons Flew Over US Unnoticed During Trump Administration

The Biden administration is facing a firestorm of criticism from passionate Republicans, who are furious over recent revelations that Chinese spy balloons were able to fly undetected over the United States during the previous administration.

The news was confirmed by an unnamed defense official, who spoke exclusively to Fox News, and who revealed that the balloons had traveled over Florida and Texas at least three times during the Trump presidency.

However, the Biden administration has tried to deflect criticism by pointing out that these balloons also flew during the previous administration, but the truth is that they went entirely undetected.

The official confirmed that the U.S. intelligence community only became aware of these balloons after the Trump administration had left office, meaning that they were allowed to float over the United States for an extended period of time without detection.

This revelation is part of a larger pattern of Chinese surveillance operations that have been conducted by the People’s Liberation Army, according to the defense official. These balloons have also violated the sovereignty of other countries, appearing in several nations across five continents, including East Asia, South Asia, and Europe.

The recent discovery of the Chinese spy balloon over Montana has sent shockwaves through the country, and it has been revealed that it floated above the United States for three days before the military finally shot it down. The Biden administration has tried to downplay the significance of this event by pointing to the balloons that flew during the Trump administration, but this only serves to highlight the administration’s failure to detect the balloons and take action to stop them.

Former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who served during the Trump administration, has responded to the news by refusing to accept any offers from the intelligence community for briefings about China’s surveillance program.

Grenell has accused the Biden team of lying and being part of a cover-up, saying, “It’s a hard no from me. The entire Biden team has been lying and are now scrambling to get help in the cover-up. You shouldn’t have believed their anonymous source tale in the first place.”

In conclusion, this latest revelation about the Chinese spy balloons flying undetected over the United States is a serious wake-up call for all Americans, and it is clear that the Biden administration is not doing enough to protect our country from foreign threats.

Republicans must remain vigilant and continue to demand answers from the Biden administration, to ensure that we are protected from the dangerous and hostile actions of our foreign enemies.