Breaking: Another Biden Blunder, Guess Who has Black voters’ hearts.

“Kamala Harris’s future prospects for the 2024 elections seem secure, thanks to her strong support from Black voters. Larry Elder, a Republican candidate, highlights the significance of this support and warns that the Democratic Party would face dire consequences if they were to dismiss Harris. Recent polls show that Harris enjoys at least 70% support among Black voters, with even higher numbers among Black females.

The first Democratic primary in South Carolina, where the majority of voters are Black, particularly Black females, further solidifies her position. Elder argues that replacing Harris with a White candidate would be met with resentment from Black voters. Concerns about President Biden’s age and speculations about a potential second term also fuel discussions about Harris’s role.

Tulsi Gabbard accuses the Democrats of planning to “”install”” Harris as president by supporting Biden, positioning her as the incumbent for the 2028 elections. Republicans, including Elder, Trump, and DeSantis, emerge as strong contenders for the 2024 race, while Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. appears as Biden’s most serious challenger.


Kamala Harris’s support among Black voters is crucial for her 2024 prospects.
Polls indicate at least 70% support for Harris among Black voters, possibly higher among Black females.
South Carolina’s primary, with its significant Black voter base, further solidifies Harris’s position.
Replacing Harris with a White candidate could lead to resentment from Black voters.
Concerns over Biden’s age and the Democrats’ alleged plan to “”install”” Harris as president add to the political landscape.


The overwhelming support Kamala Harris enjoys among Black voters cannot be underestimated. Her popularity within this demographic is a significant factor that could shape the 2024 elections. The Democratic Party needs to recognize the importance of this support and ensure that Harris remains a key player on their ticket. Disregarding her would not only alienate Black voters but also risk dividing the party’s base.

The concerns raised about President Biden’s age and the alleged plan to position Harris as the successor reflect the internal dynamics within the Democratic Party. While it is essential to address these concerns, it is equally crucial for the party to maintain a united front. Any perceived attempt to manipulate the process and impose a candidate without proper democratic procedures may undermine the party’s credibility.

On the Republican side, candidates like Larry Elder, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis are positioning themselves as strong contenders. They recognize the need to connect with voters and present a compelling vision for the future of America. Republicans must focus on articulating their policies and values effectively, appealing to a broad spectrum of voters beyond their base.

As the race for the 2024 elections unfolds, it is clear that Kamala Harris’s support among Black voters provides her with a distinct advantage. Whether as a vice-presidential candidate or potential presidential nominee, Harris’s appeal cannot be underestimated.

It remains to be seen how the Democratic Party will navigate these dynamics and whether the Republicans can present a compelling alternative to sway voters in their favor. Ultimately, the choices made by voters will shape the future trajectory of the nation.”

Source Fox News