Bill O’ Reilly: Special Counsel Will Backfire On Democrats

While most in the mainstream media consider the Biden Justice Department appointing Jack Smith to investigate Donald Trump as bad for Trump, famed journalist Bill O’ Reilly disagrees.

On The ‘Just The News. Not Noise’ TV show, O’ Reilly said this:

Garland’s appointment of another special counsel to investigate Trump is “a drastic mistake,” warned O’Reilly.

“In order for [Jack Smith] to investigate what Trump did or did not do on Jan. 6, he has to get into the FBI and what the FBI did or did not do,” O’Reilly explained in a wide-ranging interview Tuesday night. “He has to. He can’t bury it.”

Noting that the New York Times reported that “there were at least eight FBI agents embedded in the most virulent protesters that day,” the former longtime anchor of Fox News Channel’s prime-time ratings hit “The O’Reilly Factor” said: “They were there. The FBI was there. Well, what the deuce were they doing?”

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