Biden’s Telework Policies Under Fire: SHOW UP Act Aims to Hold Officials Accountable

The Biden Administration is facing more scrutiny from Republicans in Congress over their remote work policies. The House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky, is turning up the heat on a Biden administration official that is taking full advantage of their remote work policy.

Comer sent a letter to General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator Robin Carnahan regarding whistleblower reports of her predominantly working remotely outside of the nation’s capital while serving in a high-level government position.

This move by Comer is the latest pushback against the Biden Administration’s telework policies, which Republicans have criticized as creating cumbersome backlogs and hindering the ability of federal agencies to fulfill their responsibilities.

Comer is introducing the Stopping Home Office Work’s Unproductive Problems (SHOW UP) Act into Congress, an act that aims “to prevent the Biden Administration from cementing pandemic-era telework policies for the federal workforce until it provides Congress with a viable plan to avoid the negative impacts of remote work,” according to a press release exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital.

“For years, Americans have suffered from the federal government’s detrimental pandemic-era telework policies for federal bureaucrats,” Comer said in the press release.

“President Biden’s unnecessary expansion of telework crippled the ability of departments and agencies to fulfill their responsibilities and created cumbersome backlogs.”

This legislation is yet another example of Republicans pushing back against the Biden Administration’s telework policies, which they see as an unnecessary expansion that is hindering the ability of federal agencies to fulfill their responsibilities and serving the American people.

Comer also said that Biden Administration officials must lead by example and work in person for the American people,” he added.

In his letter to Carnahan, Comer said his committee has “received whistleblower reports you have spent most of your time working in a location other than Washington D.C during your tenure as GSA administrator” and that he is “writing to determine whether these reports are accurate, and if so, understand the reason behind routine absences and whether they are in compliance with relevant regulations.”

It is clear that the Republicans in Congress, led by Comer, are not going to back down on this issue and will continue to push for more in-person work from the federal workforce. The Biden Administration needs to take notice and take action to address the concerns of Republicans and the American people.

The SHOW UP Act is just the beginning, the Biden Administration must take a hard look at its telework policies and come up with a plan that addresses the concerns of Republicans, and the needs of the American people.

It is clear that the Democrats are dragging their feet on this issue, and not taking it as seriously as they should. Remote work may be convenient for them, but it is not what is best for the American people. The Biden Administration must put the needs of the American people first and lead by example.