Biden’s Silence on Hawaii Fire: A Disturbing Trend or a One-Time Blunder? You WON’T Believe What Dem Strategists Say

The Hawaii fire has laid bare the gaping chasm between the rhetoric of the Democratic party and the reality of its leadership. As the flames rage, President Biden’s silence on the matter is defended by his strategists, who insist he’s a “”nice person.””

Nice? Is that the standard by which we now measure leadership? Is that the quality that will rebuild homes, restore communities, and heal the wounds of a grieving nation?

The insistence that Biden’s niceness excuses his lack of comment on the Hawaii fire is a slap in the face to those who suffer. It’s a betrayal of the very principles of leadership, compassion, and responsibility that our nation’s leaders should embody.

But the Democrats are undeterred. They stand firm in their defense, even as conservatives and indeed, many Americans, are left flabbergasted by such an insipid excuse.

The message is clear: it’s not about the people; it’s about the image. It’s not about leadership; it’s about political posturing. And in this tragic moment, those misplaced priorities are more evident than ever.

Source Fox News