Biden’s FAA Nominee BECLOWNS Himself, The Reaon Will Leave You LAUGHING On The Floor

As a Republican voter, it’s understandable to expect our government officials to have some basic knowledge about the agencies they lead. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for President Biden’s nominee to lead the FAA.

Phil Washington, whose nomination is still pending, was asked basic aviation questions by Sen. Ted Budd during a hearing and failed to answer a single one.

This is concerning, especially given that ADSB implementation and BasicMed were landmark projects that the FAA had over the past decade, and anyone seeking to lead the FAA should have knowledge of.

Moreover, Washington wasn’t even able to answer what causes an aircraft to spin or stall or provide information on the three aircraft certifications the FAA requires as part of the manufacturing process.

It’s disheartening to see a nominee to lead a major government agency beclown themselves in front of the public.

As a certified flight instructor and commercial pilot, I’m confident I could do better than going 0-7, which is what Washington did. While I won’t get all the questions right, I’m sure I’ll be able to answer basic questions related to the aviation industry.

It’s unacceptable that someone who has no knowledge about the basic workings of the agency is nominated to lead it. As a Republican voter, it’s important to elect officials who have a fundamental understanding of the agencies they lead to make informed decisions that will positively impact the American people. We need leaders who can steer the country in the right direction and make decisions that benefit the people.