Biden’s Desperate Attempt to Cover Up the Truth Exposed: Trump Appointee to Lead Investigation

It’s yet another example of the utter hypocrisy of the Democrats and their desperation to cover up the truth. U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois John Lausch, a Trump appointee, will now be leading the investigation of classified documents found at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Biden Center, nearly two years after President Biden nearly fired him.

This just goes to show the lengths that the Democrats will go to protect their own and their secrets. Lausch has been in office since 2017 when he was appointed by then-President Donald Trump, and was confirmed unanimously by the Senate.

But that didn’t matter to Biden, who had plans to fire him despite his exemplary track record in office. This move drew criticism from both parties, but the Democrats were quick to defend Biden’s decision as ‘justified’.

But thankfully, Lausch was spared and allowed to stay on in his role, and now he will lead the investigation into the classified documents at the Penn Biden Center which were discovered from Biden’s time as vice president.

The Democrats would have us believe that the documents were returned to the National Archive and the investigation will be all above board, but it’s hard to have any confidence in that given the Democrats’ history of covering up the truth.

It’s clear that the Democrats are doing everything in their power to conceal the truth from the American people. Republicans are calling for transparency and accountability and it’s time for the Democrats to come clean about their actions. The American people deserve to know the truth, and it’s time for the Democrats to be held accountable for their actions.

It’s time for the Democrats to stop their hypocrisies and cover-ups, and allow the investigation to proceed fairly, without any political bias and influence. The truth must be exposed and the American people deserve nothing less.