Biden’s Biggest 2024 Campaign Booster Isn’t Who You Think

President Biden’s 2024 campaign is surrounded by a dark money mystery. The Future Forward PAC, supposedly raising $50 million to support his candidacy, only reported $67,000 in contributions during the first half of the year. This money is believed to be concealed in the affiliated dark money nonprofit, Future Forward USA Action, which has a history of transferring tens of millions to the PAC. The involvement of the Arabella Advisors consulting firm adds another layer of secrecy, keeping the original donors hidden.


President Biden’s campaign is seemingly benefiting from massive undisclosed donations.
The Future Forward PAC’s reported contributions are far less than the alleged raised amount.
The dark money nonprofit, Future Forward USA Action, could boost Biden’s campaign with hidden funds.
The Arabella Advisors consulting firm complicates tracing the source of funds.
The Impetus Fund, another dark money group, channeled substantial money to Future Forward USA Action in the last presidential cycle.


The American people deserve transparency and accountability in political campaigns. President Biden, who once spoke against dark money, is now entangled in its web, raising concerns about the source of funds influencing his potential re-election. As conservative voters, we believe in fair and transparent elections, free from the influence of undisclosed donors.

It is essential to unmask the shadows and demand an open and honest democratic process. The dark money mystery surrounding Biden’s 2024 campaign must be brought to light for the sake of our democracy and the trust of the American people.

Source Fox News