Biden Has A NEW Enemy And You’ll Be Surprised Who It Is

President Biden is facing criticism from House Democrats over his stance on D.C.’s new crime law. During a meeting with Senate Democrats, Biden signaled that he will not block a Republican-led effort to reverse the law, despite previous support for the legislation.

This has led to frustration and disappointment among House Democrats, who feel that the White House has mishandled the issue. One lawmaker even called it “amateur hour” and said that “heads should roll over at the White House over this.”

The D.C. crime law is designed to protect residents and visitors from violent crime, and it was passed with overwhelming support from both Democrats and Republicans. But now, thanks to Biden’s lack of backbone, this vital legislation is in danger of being repealed.

Democrats are calling on Biden to show some leadership and defend the law, even in the face of opposition. The American people deserve a president who is willing to fight for what is right and protect their safety and security.