Biden BORDER Chaos! You Won’t BELIEVE What A Federal Judge Just Did

A federal judge in Florida has ruled that the Biden administration’s use of parole to release migrants into the US interior is unlawful. The judge accused the administration of turning the border into a “meaningless line in the sand” and contributing to the degradation of the border.

Florida had sued the administration over the mass release of migrants into Alternatives to Detention via humanitarian parole, known as “Parole + ATD”. The judge also sided with Florida in its argument that it had standing to challenge the policy.

The administration had been using parole to release migrants quickly into the interior to reduce overcrowding at the border as it deals with historic migrant numbers at the border.

The ruling stays the order for seven days to allow for an appeal but could potentially have massive implications if there is a surge in migrants when Title 42 ends. The administration is also facing a looming lawsuit from GOP states over its humanitarian parole that flies in up to 30,000 migrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Cuba each month.