Biden ALLY Seeks Revenge And You’ll Never On Who

In yet another shocking twist to the Biden family financial saga, it has been revealed that Hunter Biden allegedly plotted to betray his business partner, Eric Schwerin.

Hunter’s actions were reportedly prompted by concerns that Schwerin would cooperate with a GOP-led House Oversight Committee probe into the Bidens’ financial dealings.

According to a report by Breitbart, Hunter proposed to cut Eric Schwerin out of their joint business venture in a text message sent to two longtime business partners, Jeff Cooper and Devon Archer.

Hunter suggested dividing the business arrangement into thirds, giving each partner one part, and keeping one third for himself. He also noted that he could cut Schwerin out of the deal because the current agreement had “no contract or any documentation to the affect.”

This revelation comes just after Schwerin cooperated with a House Oversight Committee investigation into the Bidens’ financial dealings, providing documents and testimony amid mounting concerns about the Bidens’ connections to foreign entities and the potential implications for national security.

Schwerin is expected to cooperate with the investigation into potential conflicts of interest and possible violations of federal laws by members of the Biden family, particularly their connections to foreign entities and the implications for national security.

Hunter Biden’s alleged actions raise questions about his integrity and his role in the Biden family’s business dealings. This latest development is yet another example of the troubling financial dealings of the Biden family, which have come under increased scrutiny in recent months.

The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their elected officials and their families, and it is imperative that these matters be thoroughly investigated.