Betrayal at Its Finest: Democrats Risk National Security for Their Own Gain

It is deeply concerning that several members of Congress, including the radical leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have funneled thousands of campaign dollars to a Chinese foreign agent.

This shocking revelation, uncovered by a Fox News Digital review of campaign finance records, shows the dangers of Democratic politicians’ loose relationship with the truth and their willingness to compromise our national security.

Representatives Kevin Mullin, Grace Meng, and Nicole Malliotakis joined AOC in sending their hard-earned campaign funds to Sing Tao U.S., a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Sing Tao News Corporation Ltd, for advertising expenses during the midterm elections.

What they did not know is that the Department of Justice had forced the company to register as a Chinese foreign agent in August 2021, as tensions rose between Washington and Beijing.

Despite the clear warning signs, these politicians continued to pour money into a Chinese-owned entity, risking the safety and security of our nation.

It is unacceptable that AOC’s campaign dropped nearly $1,500 on advertisements with Sing Tao Newspapers during the midterm elections, even after the company had registered as a foreign agent.

Meanwhile, Reps. Mullin, Meng, and Malliotakis paid between $1,000 and $7,000 to various Sing Tao entities, showing their complete disregard for the dangers posed by Chinese propaganda.

Sing Tao U.S. operates Chinese language publications in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and has a radio station in Burlingame, California. Despite claiming to be free from Chinese Communist Party influence, the company receives over half of its content from the Chinese company Star Production (Shenzhen) Limited.

The Chinese government’s control over its media environment, relying on censorship to control information, is well documented. The Council on Foreign Relations notes that China has cut off media access, monitored and quashed publications, and thrown dissident journalists in prison.

It is time for patriotic Americans to take a stand and demand accountability from these politicians. Their actions, whether through ignorance or malice, have put our country at risk.

As the nation’s capital continues to be overrun by radical leftist politicians like AOC, it is more important than ever for Republicans to stand up for what is right and defend our nation from the dangers posed by the Democrats’ dangerous policies.

In conclusion, this shocking revelation should serve as a wake-up call to all Americans. We must demand that our politicians stop putting their own interests ahead of our country’s safety and security. Republicans must continue to fight against the dangerous and anti-American policies of the Democrats, and stand up for what is right, no matter the cost.