Behind The Scenes Of The Afghanistan Withdrawal Debacle

Kelly Barnett, a Gold Star mom, stood before Congress to expose the Biden administration’s manipulation of the truth surrounding her Marine son’s death in Afghanistan. She emphasized their status as parents of heroes, not victims, and highlighted the administration’s lack of communication and leadership during the withdrawal.


Deceit Unveiled: Barnett revealed that the families were given incomplete and incorrect reports about their loved ones’ deaths, with the truth coming from witnesses.
Heroes’ Sacrifice: The fallen heroes deserve honor and respect for their sacrifice, which should not be overshadowed by manipulation.
Accountability Demand: Darren Hoover called on President Biden and top officials to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes.
Seeking Truth: The families of the fallen heroes deserve answers and justice, urging transparency from the administration.
National Respect: The Biden administration’s mishandling of the situation disrespects the sacrifice of these heroes and their families.


The Biden administration’s mishandling of this tragedy not only reveals their incompetence but also showcases their disregard for the fallen heroes and their families. The American people deserve transparency, accountability, and respect. As Republicans, we stand united in demanding justice for these brave souls and pushing for a future where our leaders prioritize truth, integrity, and the well-being of our nation.

Source Fox News