BACKLASH: Another Biden Foreign Policy BLUNDER

As President Biden jetted off to Ukraine on Monday, Republican lawmakers from the House and Senate were left bewildered and dismayed. With the border crisis escalating and toxic chemicals spilling into the air and water in East Palestine, Ohio, the president chose to visit a foreign country instead of focusing on America’s problems.

Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida minced no words in his criticism, stating that “when Ohio burns with toxic chemicals, Biden’s admin says everything is fine.” Gaetz went on to say that the president’s choice of destination on Presidents Day was indicative of his lack of concern for America’s interests.

Freshman Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri echoed this sentiment, tweeting that “Biden is in Ukraine before Ohio.” Similarly, senior Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, questioned the president’s priorities, saying that he had “no time to visit East Palestine, Ohio but plenty of time for this.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia was even more vocal in her criticism, calling Biden’s trip “incredibly insulting” to the American people. Greene also pointed out that the president had yet to visit Ohio, where residents are still grappling with the aftermath of a toxic chemical scare.

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama highlighted the contrast between Biden’s trip to Ukraine and the crisis at the southern border, tweeting that the president had “now spent more time in Ukraine than he has at our southern border.” According to Tuberville, the border crisis poses an immediate threat to national security and cannot be ignored.

While some Republican lawmakers questioned the president’s priorities, others criticized his mishandling of the border crisis. Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs committee, expressed his frustration, saying that it was “breathtaking that President Biden can show up in Ukraine to ensure their border is secure, but can’t do the same for America.”

As Republican lawmakers continue to voice their concerns, it remains to be seen whether President Biden will prioritize America’s problems or continue to focus on foreign affairs. One thing is for sure: the American people are watching and waiting for action.