Are Democrats Abandoning Their Commander? Discover the Unthinkable

Maureen Dowd’s recent criticism of Joe Biden’s treatment of his granddaughter has caused a stir, with many questioning Biden’s true character. Reports of his bad temper and moodiness contradict his genial public image. Additionally, Biden’s abandonment of his campaign promises of moderation and unity, adoption of the progressive agenda, and divisive actions have raised concerns among voters.

Allegations of bribery and payoffs, along with declining approval ratings, have further tarnished his reputation. Even journalists on the left are questioning his ability to run for re-election. Democrats face a difficult decision if Biden’s fortunes do not change, as nobody wants Kamala Harris to be their candidate.


Maureen Dowd criticizes Joe Biden for ignoring his granddaughter, highlighting his lack of family values.
Reports reveal Biden’s bad temper and moodiness, contradicting his genial public image.
Biden’s abandonment of campaign promises, adoption of the progressive agenda, and divisive actions raise concerns.
Allegations of bribery and payoffs damage Biden’s credibility and trustworthiness.
Biden’s declining approval ratings and doubts about his ability to run for re-election pose challenges for Democrats.


Joe Biden’s recent controversies and criticism from even left-leaning journalists highlight growing doubts about his leadership and character. The American people are waking up to the reality that Biden is not the leader he claims to be. His declining approval ratings and the possibility of losing to Donald Trump in 2024 underscore the need for Democrats to consider alternative candidates.

As Biden’s presidency unfolds, it will be crucial to address the concerns and dissatisfaction among voters. The future of the Democratic Party hangs in the balance, and the choice of the next candidate will be a defining moment for the party.

Source Fox News