APPLAUD: Finally SOMEONE Stands Up To Biden

Republican voters across the country are rightfully concerned about the recent bank failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in California. It’s a troubling reminder of the dangers of over-regulation and government interference in the free market.

And while Democrats are pushing for more regulations and greater government intervention, Republicans like Senator Tim Scott are sounding the alarm about the risks of such policies.

In an interview with “Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy, Senator Scott criticized the regulators for being “asleep at the wheel” and not taking timely action to prevent the collapse of SVB.

He also expressed concern over the Biden administration’s decision to insure all deposits, including those over the $250,000 limit, which he believes would lead to corporate cronyism and send a negative message to the marketplace.

Scott is absolutely right to be worried. The government insuring all deposits regardless of their size is a recipe for disaster. It creates moral hazard and encourages reckless behavior by financial institutions.

It also sends a message to the market that the government will always be there to bail out the big players, regardless of the consequences for the rest of the economy.

The root cause of the failure of SVB was high inflation, which led to high interest rates and caused more depositors to leave the bank than expected, ultimately resulting in its collapse. Scott criticized the Fed, regulators, and the management of the bank for their failure and stressed that the American taxpayer should not be held responsible for this failure.

It’s clear that we need less government intervention in the banking system, not more. We need to trust the free market to allocate capital efficiently and effectively. We need to encourage competition and innovation, not stifle it with over-regulation and government interference.

Republicans believe in the power of the free market to create jobs, grow the economy, and lift people out of poverty. We know that when government gets too involved, it usually ends up making things worse. That’s why we need to resist the Democrats’ push for greater government control over our financial system.

In the end, the collapse of SVB serves as a warning to all Americans about the dangers of government intervention in the economy. We need to trust the free market to work its magic, and we need to hold our regulators and government officials accountable when they fail to do their jobs. That’s the only way to ensure a strong, healthy, and prosperous economy for all Americans.