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A recent poll reveals that 65% of registered voters think Biden is too old to serve effectively for another term as president.
90% of Republican voters and 69% of independents believe Biden’s age hinders his capabilities as commander-in-chief.
57% of Democrat voters believe Biden is not too old to serve another term effectively.
59% of voters think former President Trump is not too old to serve out another term, while 36% disagree.
Biden’s favorability stands at 39%, with 54% expressing unfavorable views.
Trump holds a 40% favorability rating, with 56% viewing him unfavorably.


  1. A significant majority of voters across party lines have concerns about Biden’s age and his ability to serve effectively.
  2. Republicans overwhelmingly believe Biden is too old, while Democrats are more divided on the issue.
  3. A majority of voters do not think Trump is too old to serve another term as president.
  4. Biden’s favorability ratings are lower than Trump’s, which may impact his chances in the 2024 election.
  5. The poll highlights the importance of age as a factor in voter perception and preference.


The poll results clearly indicate a growing apprehension among voters about President Biden’s age and his fitness for another term. Republican voters, in particular, express strong reservations, while Democrats appear more divided. The contrasting views on former President Trump’s age further underscore the significance of this issue.

As we approach the 2024 election, it will be crucial for both parties to address these concerns and present viable candidates who can inspire confidence in their ability to lead. Age should be considered alongside other important factors when evaluating potential leaders. Ultimately, the electorate will determine the direction our nation takes in the coming years.

Source Fox News