Another Spin from the Media, You’ll Never GUESS How They’re Defending Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris’ communication blunders are no secret. Even The Daily Show, a staunch supporter of the Democrats, posted a hilarious “Veep reboot” of Harris back in October, acknowledging her awkward speeches and confusing word salads.

Now that Joe Biden has officially announced the start of their reelection campaign, Harris’ supporters in the press are trying to spin her communication woes as a positive, claiming that she still manages to connect powerfully with her audiences. But the reality is that her communication blunders could be a challenge for Team Biden.

Harris is not in her position because of any great talent she supposedly has as an alleged great communicator and effective politician. She’s there because woke Democrats demanded that Joe Biden pick a woman of color as his running mate.

While there were other black women he could have picked with more experience to serve as vice president, he chose Harris, one of many poor decisions he’s made both as a presidential candidate and then president.

Now, as we learned this week, Team Biden is on a mission to “repair” Harris’ image ahead of what is expected to be an uphill and brutal reelection campaign. But the truth is, Harris is a liability, and they know it.

Source Redstate