ANOTHER Rep. Governor Might Enter 2024 Race, Take TWO Guesses

Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, a rising star in the Republican Party, has announced that he is considering a run for president in the 2024 Republican primary.

Sununu made the announcement on SiriusXM POTUS channel’s “The Briefing” with host Steve Scully on Tuesday.

During the interview, Scully asked Sununu when he plans to announce his candidacy, to which the governor replied, “I don’t know when that is and the if and when, maybe this summer, we’ll get to that.”

Sununu further explained that he has been traveling the country to share the New Hampshire model of success and how the Republican Party can expand by attracting independent voters and the next generation of voters who are not currently interested in joining the party.

He stated that the party has a great product of limited government and local control, which can appeal to the younger generation, but the party needs to promote it better.

The governor also emphasized the importance of winning in November and how he plans to raise a lot of money to create a national organization that can help the party achieve that goal.

While Sununu has not officially declared his candidacy, he has been gaining momentum and attention on the national stage.

Many supporters have urged him to run, and the governor has stated that he is seriously considering it.