Another Political Scandal Exposed, You’ll Never GUESS Who’s Involved

Newly revealed emails show that Hunter Biden used his connections to help then-Senate candidate Chris Coons fundraise in 2010. According to emails from Hunter’s laptop, which have been verified by Fox News Digital, Hunter and his investment fund’s president Eric Schwerin were in close contact with Coons and his campaign finance director Tracey Buckman, helping with his fundraising efforts. Hunter even hosted fundraising events for Coons using his network of business associates to contribute to Coons’ campaign.

Coons, who now serves as a co-chair of President Biden’s reelection campaign, has been one of Biden’s closest allies for years, and according to Politico, “has no problem telling reporters or anyone who will listen that he has the president’s ear.” But these newly revealed emails show just how deep the ties between the Biden family and Coons really go.

The Biden family has a long history of using their connections to enrich themselves, and these emails only add to the growing list of scandals surrounding the Bidens. It’s time for the American people to demand accountability from the Biden family and their allies in Washington.