Another Political Image Transformation, You’ll Never GUESS Who

The White House is scrambling to improve Kamala Harris’ image before the 2024 presidential election. Charlie Hurt, a Washington Times opinion editor, and Fox News contributor, believes that the White House is taking action to boost Harris’ image because they view her as a “drag on the ticket.”

He argues that if the administration picked her for her identity politics background, they shouldn’t be surprised that she’s incompetent.

Judge Jeanine Pirro from “The Five” has yet to hear Harris give a good or forceful speech. Her poll numbers are lower than Biden’s, so Pirro understands why the White House is trying to boost Harris’ image.

But she doesn’t understand why there is so much power between the two since Democrats don’t want Joe to run, and they don’t like him or Harris.

Pirro described Harris as an embarrassment on the world stage and said she does not put in enough time or work to focus on the issues. Harris says as little as possible and does as little as she can instead of proving she can handle the issues.