Another Biden Rivalry Brewing, You’ll Never Guess Who Might Be Trump’s 2024 VP

Hey there, truth-seekers! Twitter just gave the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) a reality check! After slapping National Public Radio (NPR) with a “government-funded media” label, Twitter decided to give CBC the same treatment. With over two-thirds of its funding coming straight from the Canadian government, it’s about time CBC’s left-wing bias was exposed!

In response, CBC hit the pause button on its main Twitter account. But let’s not forget their 2021-2022 annual report, which showed that they received a whopping $1.4 billion (70% of their funding) from the government. The truth is out, and we’re loving it!

Now, the hashtag #GoodbyeCBC is trending on Twitter, and conservatives everywhere are celebrating this awesome reveal! Memes are flooding the platform, poking fun at CBC’s so-called “impartiality and independence.” It looks like the left-wing media giant can’t hide behind its mask any longer.

Let’s keep pushing for transparency and expose biased, government-funded media outlets. We need to hold them accountable for the information they spread. After all, who doesn’t love the truth? Together, we can fight against the liberal bias that has long controlled our media and make sure everyone gets the real story.