ANOTHER Biden Controversy: Hunter’s Legal Team Drops a Whopper

The Biden family seems to be no stranger to controversies, and the latest one involves Hunter Biden. In a startling revelation, Hunter’s legal team has stated that a trial concerning his case is “”not inevitable.”” This statement, made by Attorney Abbe Lowell on “”Face the Nation,”” has taken many by surprise.

While the U.S. attorney had previously indicated a trial due to stalled plea negotiations, Lowell has a different take. He believes that there’s still room for negotiation and that a trial isn’t the only outcome. This has added another layer of intrigue to an already complex case.

The Justice Department’s recent filings had many believing that a trial was just around the corner. But with Lowell’s latest comments, it seems the narrative might be changing. As the deadline for a response from Hunter’s legal team looms, all eyes are on what will unfold next in this gripping saga.

Source Fox News