Another Biden blunder: Guess who’s involved in the censorship controversy?

“A federal judge has exposed the Biden administration’s involvement in pressuring social media platforms to censor COVID-19 misinformation.
Former White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, played a central role in publicly urging companies like Facebook to increase their censorship efforts.
Lawsuits filed by Louisiana and Missouri attorneys general accuse the White House of coercing tech companies into suppressing free speech.
The court-ordered injunction suggests that the government’s actions likely violate the Free Speech Clause.
Psaki’s admission that the White House was flagging conservative speech for Facebook raises concerns about bias.

The Biden administration’s push for social media censorship threatens free speech and the flow of information.
Jen Psaki’s public statements provide evidence of the administration’s pressure on tech companies to suppress conservative voices.
Lawsuits filed by attorneys general seek to hold the White House accountable for potential violations of the First Amendment.
The court’s injunction recognizes the significance of the case and the need to protect free speech rights.
The deposition of Jen Psaki will shed further light on the extent of government involvement in censoring speech.


The recent revelations about the Biden administration’s attempts to manipulate social media companies and suppress free speech are deeply troubling. The injunction by Judge Terry A. Doughty highlights the potential violation of our First Amendment rights and the urgent need for accountability.

The fact that the examples of suppressed speech were predominantly conservative raises serious concerns about bias and the fairness of the administration’s actions. Free speech is a fundamental pillar of our democracy, and any attempts to undermine it should be met with staunch opposition.

As Republicans, we must stand firm in defending the principles that make our nation strong. We cannot allow the left’s censorship scheme to go unchallenged. The court-ordered deposition of Jen Psaki will provide critical insights into the extent of the government’s involvement in stifling speech.

We must remain vigilant and continue to fight for the preservation of our rights and liberties. The battle for free speech is one that we cannot afford to lose. Let us hold the Biden administration accountable and ensure that the truth prevails.”

Source Fox News