Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who’s In The Center?

President Biden’s historic national park designation for the Grand Canyon aims to enhance climate resilience and protect tribal heritage. The decision prevents future uranium mining, preserving both our environment and cultural legacy.

Named “”Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni – Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monument,”” this move reflects our respect for Indigenous history and aligns with Biden’s climate and conservation agenda. The decision also emphasizes hunting, fishing, and property rights while recognizing the power of Indigenous knowledge in collaborative conservation.


Environmental Safeguarding: The designation blocks uranium mining, securing the Grand Canyon’s natural beauty and preventing potential environmental damage.
Cultural Preservation: The name and decision honor Indigenous heritage, protecting sacred lands and fostering unity.
Conservative Values: The decision respects hunting, fishing, and property rights while promoting responsible resource use.
Indigenous Collaboration: Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s role underscores the value of Indigenous knowledge in conservation efforts.
Strategic Resource Management: The decision preserves a small fraction of uranium reserves, focusing on responsible management for national security.


President Biden’s Grand Canyon designation is a step towards conservation and unity. While critics argue over motives, the move reflects a balanced approach that aligns with our conservative principles. Let’s champion this decision that protects our environment, cultural heritage, and responsible resource use.

Source Fox News