Another Biden blunder: Guess who’s implicated in a bribery scheme?

Former Attorney General William Barr has suggested that Attorney General Merrick Garland release an FBI document alleging a criminal bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden. Barr emphasizes the need for equal treatment in investigations, citing concerns about the Justice Department’s handling of Trump and Biden family cases.

The document allegedly states that Biden received $5 million in a bribery scheme orchestrated by a Burisma executive to influence U.S. policy decisions. Calls for the document’s release continue, with Barr urging precautions to protect the confidential source.


Former AG Barr calls for equal treatment in investigations of Trump and Biden, raising concerns about double standards.
The FBI document alleges a bribery scheme involving President Biden and a Burisma executive, casting doubt on the administration’s integrity.
Urgency arises from reports of potential interference in the Delaware investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings.
Redacted versions of the document were allowed for review, but demands for its full release persist.
Barr argues that releasing the document, with safeguards, is crucial for transparency and public interest.


The calls to release the FBI document alleging a bribery scheme involving President Biden are a reminder of the need for equal treatment under the law. Former Attorney General Barr’s recommendation highlights concerns about potential double standards in the Justice Department’s approach to Trump and Biden family investigations.

The allegations against Biden are serious, involving a substantial payment and attempts to influence U.S. policy decisions. The urgency to uncover the truth is heightened by reports of possible interference in the Delaware investigation. Releasing the document, while safeguarding the confidential source, is necessary for transparency and to ensure that all parties are held accountable.

The American people deserve to know the truth and have confidence in the integrity of their leaders. As this story develops, it is crucial that justice is served and the rule of law prevails.

Source Fox News