Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who wants to ban firearms?

Vice President Kamala Harris faced strong backlash after calling for an assault weapons ban on Twitter. Critics argued that “weapons of war” have historically been vital in defending civil society against tyranny.

The call for disarmament while benefiting from armed security led to accusations of hypocrisy. Republican voters should remain vigilant in safeguarding Second Amendment rights.


Harris’ call for an assault weapons ban drew immediate criticism from conservative voices.
Commentators pointed out the historical role of weapons of war in defending society.
The Firearms Policy Coalition emphasized the non-negotiable nature of the right to self-defense.
Accusations of hypocrisy were leveled against Harris due to her armed security detail.
Republican voters must actively protect their Second Amendment rights and challenge anti-gun policies.


The recent controversy surrounding Kamala Harris’ push for an assault weapons ban highlights the ongoing battle to preserve our Second Amendment rights. Harris’ call was met with strong opposition, as critics questioned the historical importance of weapons of war in defending society against tyranny.

Furthermore, accusations of hypocrisy were leveled, pointing out that Harris benefits from armed security while advocating for citizen disarmament. As Republican voters, it is imperative that we remain steadfast in protecting our constitutional rights and holding our elected officials accountable.

The Second Amendment guarantees our right to bear arms, and we must ensure that it is not infringed upon. Let us stand united in defending our freedoms and preserving the values that make America exceptional.

Source Fox News