Another Biden blunder – Guess Who received a shocking letter?

The FBI has informed a former agent investigating Hunter Biden that he should not answer certain questions from the House Oversight Committee regarding the case. The letter from the FBI general counsel cites executive privilege and confidentiality interests as reasons for not disclosing non-public information.

The committee is particularly interested in events from December 2020 related to the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities. Hunter Biden recently pleaded guilty to federal charges after a year-long investigation into his tax affairs, which began with suspicious activity reports involving funds from China and other foreign nations.


The FBI’s instruction to the former agent raises concerns about political interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden.
Republicans on the House Oversight Committee believe that the former agent’s letter confirms important details from a whistleblower’s testimony.
Committee Chair Representative James Comer vows to seek answers and hold the Biden administration accountable for any potential cover-up.
FBI Director Christopher Wray denies allegations of protecting the Biden family or allowing politics to influence the investigation.
Transparency and accountability are essential to ensure the truth is uncovered and informed decisions can be made by the American people.

The FBI’s decision to restrict the former agent’s testimony raises doubts about the bureau’s impartiality and adds fuel to the fire of allegations surrounding the Biden family.

It is concerning that executive privilege and confidentiality interests are invoked to withhold information from the American people. This case highlights the need for transparency and accountability in government.

The House Oversight Committee must continue its pursuit of the truth and not back down until all relevant information is uncovered. The American people deserve to know the facts and make informed decisions based on the truth.

Source Fox News